Baby Guard

Baby Guard diapers provide you the best diaper experience within the price tag, the most perfect choice for your baby without wallet breaking, the only diapers within its price range to provide Ultra-Thin Dry layer for wet distribution & the most advanced “Super Absorbent Polymer” alongside diaper interior design for preventing skin infections.

    • Absorbing abilities up to 10 Hrs.
    •  Biggest Super Absorbent Polymers amount in its category.
    • Leakage barriers.
    • Dry – Ultra set layers that spread liquids among the diaper internal sheet to protect your child’s skin from infection.

We deliver the best diapers to your doorsteps.


Forget the Leakage, forget the headache, Get your baby dry all the day, With “Baby Guard” diapers our latest economic diapers brand – Manufactured with high quality materials & ISO level standards.

Baby Guard offers a leakage barriers exactly as powerful as premium diapers except it doesn’t coast as half of their prices.