Daisy diapers are the first diapers in Egypt to provide a “Wetness Indicator” amazing feature – Stretch sides – Leakage barriers – Multi dry layers & more to provide your baby the premium protection with soft touch and support up to 12hrs.

Daisy Diapers Provides Also:

  • Off Wetness and protect your baby’s skin.
  •  Hypoallergenic layer soft and comfy against your baby’s skin.
  • Anti leakage barriers soft and resistant to stop wetness leaking from the sides.

Note: All sizes are supported with Wetness Indicator.

Daisy diapers are the only baby diaper in its price tag that offer “Witness Indicator”.


Daisy diapers offers top notch “Super Absorbing Polymers” which offers you Absorbing abilities up to 1L of liquids – 12 Hrs.


 With the pure 100% virgin pulp materials & our ISO grade factory sterilized process, We grantee you the best and most perfect tissue poly in the market.


Our tissues products portfolio are a certified ISO – UKAS products. Trusted , Certified & Ready for global shipments 24/7 .